Posted by: raker | 14 July 2010


Feeling a bit rough at the moment – all kind of non-specific under the weather/almost flu-ey type feelings. The kind of thing that in a, er, more innocent time, would be rectified by a large bar of galaxy, early bed time and Midsomer Murders or something equally untroubling.

But 7 month old loud boys just don’t care about that. So Tom has free range in one of the many toy boxes in here while I sit here in neglectful mummy mode, reading the internet and playing snood. He had his first settling in session at nursery today, just for an hour, and he loved it! So that’s an extra childcare option if necessary – not that I’ve not been inundated with offers to help, from everyone!. Still have hideous taste in mouth so although starving just don’t fancy anything. Mother-in-law left this morning, so it’s just us,

Hopefully this is just a temporary set back, everything has been so good (relatively, obv.) and I’ll be back to my annoying glory within the next couple of days…


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