Posted by: raker | 27 July 2010

Big boy!

Tom started nursery today.

Tom discovers sweet potato!

I was heartbroken about Kitty starting nursery, wanting to stay at home with her, but unable to afford it. Took me weeks to settle, but she only needed a couple of days. But I know she loves it, I love the staff,  love the nursery – am on the management committee, so had no qualms about Tom going at all. But after I dropped them both off, got him settled, left him chomping on some play food, I strode purposefully back to the car and bawled for 20 minutes – I just didn’t see that coming.

He’s only going to go for 1 day a week for the next month, then I might up it a bit. I was supposed to be starting back to work next Tuesday, but will obviously be on long-term sick leave for the foreseeable future. But nursery have offered to take Tommy so I have an additional child care option for my rough days – which thankfully are few and far between.

(Last week’s “rough patch” turned into a hideous cold, with full on temperature monitoring and lowering, and antibiotics to prevent further lung infection, and has resulted in me not being able to have this week’s planned chemo session.)

So I’m rattling around the house, trying desperately to remember all the things I planned to do when I had some time to myself. I’ve done a little bit of hoovering,  and made the most fantastically easy quick blackcurrant jam. I have a huge bag of clothes to ebay (monsoon/boden type things that don’t fit any more and certainly won’t come the day of surgery!), and I really need to iron them before photographing them, but my right arm is aching from where I had my blood taken this morning (my veins are starting to “flatten” according to lovely Ruth the phlebotomist) and I don’t think I have the energy to wield an iron this afternoon.

Easy blackcurrant jam recipe

  • 2 punnets of blackcurrants (300g)
  • 150 ml water
  • 270 g preserving sugar
  1. Sterilise large jam jar (I use a 650 ml Kilner jar, and this quantity half fills it)
  2. Put saucer into freezer to test setting point.
  3. Wash blackcurrants and remove stalks (but not frilly bottoms!).
  4. Put in stainless steel saucepan with water, bring to boil and simmer for 5 minutes until fruit has burst.
  5. Pour fruity gloop through a nylon sieve into a bowl and push as much pulp through as possible (leave seeds and anything unpleasant behind in sieve). Rinse saucepan out.
  6. Pour gloop from bowl back into clean pan,  add sugar and stir constantly, until it starts to boil.
  7. After 5 mins start testing for setting point (should not take more than 10 mins). When reached, pour into sterile jar.

There you are, gorgeous taste of summer in a jar.

Must make some more for Christmas presents!


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