Posted by: raker | 17 October 2010


Ooh, it’s been a while – I have about 7 draft posts hiding around somewhere that will probably never see the light of day, covering finishing chemo, life after chemo, craft, crawling/standing/gurning toothy babies/more craft, frustrations with the hospital/BUPA who are covering some of my costs, and general disorganisation of everyone else but ME, open days at Infant Schools, etc., etc.

But mostly I’m being amazed by this: Hair regrowth patterns.

Head – coming back really quickly. All new growth is dark and fluffy. The stragglers that held on during the chemo are white and long. Simon is going to clip me this week to sort it out. I will be out without the Buff within a week or so, just in time to get amongst the winter hats. Have my eye on this trilby (Jigsaw website currently down)

Eyebrows – I swear I have a 5 0’clock shadow in a perfect eyebrow shape, arches and all. Some short stubbly hairs near the bridge of my nose, so they’ll be back within a couple of weeks I’d say.

Legs – I have the hairiest legs in the world normally, so no surprise that things are stirring there. I’m going to be moaning about waxing costs again in a couple of weeks – yay, normality!

Down below – nothing

Now, this is where it gets infuriating

Eyelashes – NOTHING. Not a thing! My eyelashes were my best feature, and I really miss them. Kitty and Tom have both inherited them, so I’m reminded of them every day. I’ll  not feel myself until they return.

BUT, in lieu of any lovely long dark luscious eyelashes, what has come back is my fecking chin hair. Why? WHY? two little dark hairs, right side of my chin. First things to spring back after body trauma.  God it’s annoying. And it’s going to feel pretty weird getting tweezers out again after all this time…

Anyway, my surgery is scheduled for Saturday afternoon, 23 October – removal of lymph nodes, mastectomy & LD reconstruction on the RHS, reduction to match on the left. Can’t wait to have the surgery – finally draw a line under this, the shittiest of years.



  1. Hi! Sorry that I haven’t spotted this post sooner.

    How was your surgery and how are you feeling now?

  2. How are you? How did the surgery go? Hope you’re doing fine and your family is looking after you!

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